Top 3 Collaboration Software For Virtual Board Meetings

Tools for remote work of the management team are of great importance for increasing the efficiency of the company’s board. However, the number of services for the remote work of the board is unusually large. Read the article below about what options to pay attention to and what to choose.

Criteria of choice

Before moving on to an overview of the three most successful tools for remote communication of managers, it is necessary to determine the main selection criteria. They are:

  • Interface. How attractive and user-friendly is it? Does it contain components that can confuse the user or complicate the work with the program? Initially, designers are responsible for this moment together with the developers of the program.
  • Ease of use. A manager is a busy business person who often does not have time to deal with complex programs. Therefore, the software for the management of the company should be intuitive, and the process of learning to use it should be fast and affordable.
  • The breadth of integration. Using programs for virtual board meetings is especially convenient if they have integration with the most popular services. This can be working with documents, processing statistical data, creating presentations, preparing documents, and the like.
  • Price-quality ratio. Not every company can turn a blind eye to the budget for the sake of managerial productivity. That is why value for money is of great importance. If the program is quite expensive but has features that you do not need, it is worth considering another option.

Now that you understand how to choose virtual board meetings software, you can check out the top three programs for remote collaboration of managers.


This is the perfect application designed for planning and holding directors’ meetings. Here, you can collaborate on documents and view presentations prepared by speakers during the meeting.

To avoid confusion with different conferences and meetings, each meeting board has a username and password to enter.

You can use the BoardTrac program from any device convenient for you – a tablet, computer, or mobile phone. The price of using the software varies depending on the options you choose. More details can be found on the company’s website.


With this program, you can plan and hold meetings, board meetings, differentiate different meeting streams in different “rooms”. There are many tools for collaborating on documents and preparing presentations.

The strength is the ability to re-watch any meeting held since they are all stored in the record. There are Slack and Trello as integration tools.

The cost of using this software is 150 per month, depending on the tariff plan, and you can try the program during a month of a free trial period.


It is an excellent tool for holding meetings and creating official documentation based on negotiations between managers. You can use the service from any device.

Boardable allows you to set up meetings right in the application, discuss current issues, put decisions to vote, and prepare minutes of meetings.

iCalendar, Outlook, and Google Calendar are presented here as integrative services, work with files in different formats is available.

The cheapest plan is $49 per month, and you can try out the software for free for two weeks. If you pay immediately for the quarter, six months or a year in advance, you can get significant discounts.